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> Actually, the Gundam has the arnament to fulfill most
> roles, the beam saber for close range, beam rifle for
> medium to long range and the hyper bazooka for long
> range. This is also eveident in the RX-79[G] with its
> 180 mmcannon (bigger than the Guntanks and the
> Guncannons). Besides the GMs were still supported
> by either Balls, Massproduced Guncannons(0080),
> Massproduced Guntanks(08th MS) and later GM
> Cannons.

Let's see, the GM has access to a beam saber for close combat, either a beam
spray gun or 90 mm rifle for medium range combat, and a hyper bazooka for
long range combat.

In the big OYW space battles, the GMs are equipped with beam spray guns and
are supported by Balls, but in Earth side battle, where there are no Balls,
they are armed with 90 mm Rifles and are supported by GM Cannons and the
occasional Guntank II.

Is there any difference? Doesn't this mean that GMs are just is flexible as
Gundams, only a little bit slower, a little bit cheaper, and with a little
less armor?

And as there are far more GMs specifically because of their limitations than
there are Gundams, and GMs are used for every possible combat role after the
OYW, doesn't that mean that GMs are in fact more general-purpose than Gundams?

And if not, do you have any examples that do not have a Newtype at the


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