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> I think you completely miss the meaning of
> "general-purpose" MS - I thought by definition,
> "general purpose" meaning that a MS, just by
> giving it standard equipment, can perform
> almost all aspect of MS function and usable
> in all terrains.

No, I think you and Mark are missing the meaning of general-purpose. You are
both quoting the general usage of Gundams versus the general usage of their
GM derivatives, but the question really boils down to defining the term

Amuro and the White Base crew used the Gundam to do everything in every
environment because it was so overpowered and so tough with Amuro at the
controls it just couldn't fail.

Now GM's, which are the mass produced version of the Gundam, are used for all
the same roles Amuro used the Gundam in, but without Amuro actually piloting
each and every GM, and at a lower cost. The cost cutting measures taken to
produce the GM in quantity did not remove the ability of the GM to follow in
the Gundam's footsteps, but did allow for the GM to be a general-purpose
platform for usage upgrades that would enhance its performance any given role.

Gundams, by all accounts, are specialized test beds for breakthrough MS
technology, while GMs are by all accounts the mass produced, general-purpose
user of the more cost effective and usable technologies tested in Gundams.

At least, that is my point of view.


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