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Mon, 20 Nov 2000 08:24:19 GMT

>> > Hey, I like Evangelion! :-)
>argh. *pies mark simmons* :)

watch it garrick. he might stomp you. speaking of which...


>well, zhou tai, if nothing else, i DID like the fan
>service in evangelion. :) (now, i'm talking about
>ritsuko and misato, not that underaged underdeveloped
>deadwood clone(s) rei ayanami...;P -- i will never
>understand the fascination of anime fans for rei)

I don't get it either. I can understand Asuka and Misato.

>aaaand...i like the opening eva song (but loathe the
>ending "Fly me to the moon")

yes, they murdered that song like anything.

>aaand...well, i liked toji and kensuke. :P

So do I. ehehehehehhehe.

>gotta disagree with mark. as franz said, the
>schticking point that some of us have against "the
>evangelion phenomenon" is that a lot of the people who
>keep touting it as the alpha and omega of anime were
>never into anime before eva, and haven't even the
>foggiest notions of anime that predate eva, and are
>considered classics. that rankles.
>uc gundam purists should know how that feels, i'm
>sure. ;)

yeah, I mean hey, I was attracted to gundam because of the Superior gundam,
and then I saw 0083 then Wing. I only got to really apprecuiate gundam when
I saw 0080. Damn beautiful, that.

>newbies at anime. the proof being that gundam wing
>was rated A, while most other gundam shows were
>neglected or not even mentioned. argh.

hmf. though I like Gundam Wing, I still say it is not as good as some of the
UC series. It is a great update and remake and rethink of the old series, but
I would say that they also sacruificed a lot in making it what it is. 0083
is not as good as wing, but it had great top gun sequences, while 08thMS simply
blows it away...

>but i understand what mark is saying -- watch and let
>watch. we all have different viewpoints, and
>evangelion polarizes viewers into positive and
>negative like no anime has done in a long time. i
>sincerely enjoy debating the merits and demerits of
>evangelion, but only with people who know what anime
>(mech anime at least) has been about and people who
>are very familiar with theology and philosophy.
>otherwise, just talking to the regular bedazzled "eva
>is kewl, everything else sux" fan is one of the most
>groan-inducing conversations i will ever have. next
>to "i identify with heero yuy coz he's so kickass"
>teenage posts on wing forums and mailing lists. argh.

Agreed. one must be able to defend one's opinions, not just say "Because!!"

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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