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>> And guess what? The probes survive fine, and seem
>> to work very well after impact. And if a scientific probe
>> can do it, a military grade piece of ordinance surely can.
> Point. But the expense would be high when considering
> the expendable cost, correct?

Not any higher than a standard anti-ship missile.

>>The damage will be the same, but the inert spike will
>> cost less and will be easier to manufacture, store,
>> and use.
> I'm not too sure. How good are railguns at penetration?
> What I really want is penetrative power, something
> which an explosive warhead can be designed to do,
> but I'm not too sure how good spikes are at it.

You can get more penetration with an inert Tungsten pin than with an equal
mass of high explosives, when fired at supersonic speeds. Which is what you
see when a modern day tank fires a Tungsten penetrator versus a standard HEAT


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