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> >But the point is that crew will generally try to weasel any
> >possible upgrades past their top brass as long as those upgrades
> >will ensure that said crew is able to come home in one piece.
> >If the local commander lets them do so, and the upgrades don't
> >cause an unnecessary drain on logistical support, then who knows
> >exactly what you'll encounter in the field?
> An example of this would be Shiro's EZ-8. The Zeon however seem to
> encourage these little modifications to their pilots MS. Ever wonder why?
> My thing has always been that Zeon needed all the aces it could
> use against the much larger EFSF, as well as use those aces for
> propaganda.

EZ-8 is a poor example. Shiro's MS got trashed pretty bad in its first
encounter with Apsaras. The maintanence crew simply didn't have the parts
needed to do a full restoration of RX-79[G]. So, they went ahead with
scratch built parts that drops some of the weapons, bulk up on armor, and
with the extra space recovered from the removal of extra weapon, probably
got enough extra coolant system to allow the reactor to generate more power.

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