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> How does this fit into the Kojima Batallion? Or even modern day warfare? I
> understand that, historically, that's true, but ... I dunno, I
> don't see the
> USAF letting their ace pilots customize their F-15's. It's a different
> question in UC0079 though ... was Shiro's squad (and the other Gundam
> equipped squads) that much better than the others? They certainly weren't
> higher ranked. How did they decide who got Gundams and who got GM's?

They were lucky. Seriously, the RX79[G] is only slightly better than the
RGM79[G], and they made the right decision of giving all 3 RX79[G] to one
team instead of spreading it out to the team leader of the various MS teams,
thus keeping the team composition consistent. But what they were given can
also be taken away, witness Karen's field replacement of GM head to her MS,
and Shiro's MS being rebuilt with scratch parts.

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