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>Re: The subject line...

> Hey, I like Evangelion! :-)

I like it too, just not as much as Gundam.

> I suspect that, sometimes, people feel like they have to >choose between
>shows... as with the animosity between UC and Gundam Wing fans, >the
>Gundam-bashing I've seen among Eva fans, and the reciprocal Eva->bashing
>from Gundam fans. Personally, I like all these shows, and don't >see any
>reason why they can't coexist happily (along with Turn A, Brain >Powered,
>Gaogaigar, and other great series).
>-- Mark

Its just that everyone seems to put EVA as number one on their list. I mean,
EVA was good anime but I wouldn't count it as my favorite even among
non-Gundam anime (that spot belongs to Nadesico). Its just that, EVA is
overhyped period. And the problem with some people is that they can't see
through the hype, they just agree with other peoples opinions. Some of
these people haven't even watched other good animes, not even some that we
could consider classics.

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