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Subject: [gundam] Why doesn't anyone here like EVA? ^_^

>I originally got mad at the computer and was prepared to bash >in the
>after reading the rash of anti-EVA mails on the GML, but then I
>reconsidered. ^_^ In any case, since we are going off-topic, >would the
>people ready to continue debating be so kind as to move this >thread to
>private mail? I'm the kind of person who will still continue to >protect
>most loved series, but not when it will irritate people on the >list.
>(Actually, what am I doing...I'm probably setting myself up for >a world of
>hurt by discussing EVA with people who don't like it. ^_^)

Not really, I find "sensitive" e-mails such as this are usually the most
entertaining and educational ones. As for moving this topic of list, well
yes we are pretty much OT, of course IMHO I'd rather that people here do get
to talk about it openly especially since there seem to be a lot of ppl here
who are have an anti-EVA streak.

>Anyway, that's about it...

>Zhou Tai An (

>"There is no one simple truth." - Rune Walsh

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