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So these toys never came out in Japan? Interesting, it seems like some
countries get exclusive items. Like the fact that we and Hong Kong have the
Wing MSIA while Japan only has the Wing. I suppose some stuff does better in
other countries.

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New to this mailing list....

You can find these items in Meijers also. that's where I first saw them a
month ago. According to the box they are made for the market of mainland
China ( with Simplified Chinese, not official Japanese items), but hey,
there're a bunch of Pokemon toys with Chinese packaging too.

on 11/19/00 4:17 PM, Chris Maier at wrote:

> I've noticed the "SD Ganso" lines of SD Gundam kits at both Bradlees and
> Suncoast. Quite suprising-I went into Bradlees expecting to find Gundam
> MSIA and found these things instead! Anyway, they're quite interesting
> little things.
> Here's a list I saw in Bradlees-
> Dom
> Char's Gelgoog
> Nise Gundam(Gundam/Zaku hybrid)
> Z Gundam(Doesn't transform)
> Hyaku Shiki Kai(Has an opening jaw that reveals shark teeth-a parody
> of the ALIEN creature. There's a little comical illustration showing Frau
> Ripley skeevies)
> Quebely
> Rick Dias
> Nu Gundam
> A note on these-the ones at Bradlees had color boxes, while the ones at
> suncoast had black and white boxes. I think the suncoast ones might be
> bootlegs.
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