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Echo|Fox wrote:

> > Having talked about that, I will mention one little piece that I think
> everyone,
> > both fan and anti-fan alike, would probably enjoy. Its a music video that
> I saw a
> > little while back that focused on Asuka, with what sounded like German
> lyrics.
> > There were two voices - a deep, male voice, and a softer, female voice.
> Asuka's
> > mouth moved in time to the male voice, while the female voice was given to
> Shinji...
> >
> > It was very, very funny.
> >
> That would be Rammstein's Engel set to Evangelion footage edited by the
> disgustingly talented Kevin Caldwell. That
> guy is, without a doubt, the most talented anime music video creater out
> there today. Moboroshi and Aluminum Studios come close, but Kevin Caldwell
> just blows my mind every time I see one of his videos. That specific video
> is truly amazing for the tight editing and the dead on lip synching.
> Unfortunately I don't think he has a webpage, but I do have that music video
> burned to a CD here somewhere. His more recent video, with Battle Athletes
> footage set to that Frank Potente song "Believe" from Run Lola Run is pretty
> damned cool too...

Yeah, I saw the latter video at the same time as the former, and it was very,
very good, I thought. To be honest, the former video prompted me to go check
and see if the local video store had the next volume of Eva (since I never made
it past episode four). They didn't have it, but I never would have expected to
have even considered doing something like that a few weeks ago...

heh heh


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