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Edward Ju wrote:

> >I originally got mad at the computer and was prepared to bash in the screen
> >after reading the rash of anti-EVA mails on the GML, but then I
> >reconsidered. ^_^ In any case, since we are going off-topic, would the
> >people ready to continue debating be so kind as to move this thread to
> >private mail? I'm the kind of person who will still continue to protect his
> >most loved series, but not when it will irritate people on the list.
> Hey man, just because the more vocal majority here bash it doesn't mean no
> one loves Eva on the GML. We just don't see the point of debating with them
> since they've pretty much decided it's the series to hate. You'll probably
> end up wasting a lot of time and not change the opinion of any of them.

It's kinda like that Wing argument that pops up every couple of months... heh heh.
Except in Eva's case, it seems that anime fans tend to run into hordes of "Eva over
all!" types before they meet anyone with even a mellower view of the show. While
there are people like that with Gundam Wing, there also seems to be a larger base of
other views on Gundam (probably relating to the fact that Gundam was around and was
very popular long before the Wing incarnation). With that in mind (and considering
that the first "I don't care for Eva" post on this thread sounded pretty much like
the poster thought they were alone in the universe in that opinion), I'm not all
that surprised that people like to chime in with their "un-support" of the show.
As I mentioned in my prior post, the show seems to garner the extremes. People tend
to either really, really like the show, or really, really dislike the show (at least
so far as I've seen). And any time you have extremes like that, particularly with
almost everyone involved, you're going to get flare-ups like this.
Having talked about that, I will mention one little piece that I think everyone,
both fan and anti-fan alike, would probably enjoy. Its a music video that I saw a
little while back that focused on Asuka, with what sounded like German lyrics.
There were two voices - a deep, male voice, and a softer, female voice. Asuka's
mouth moved in time to the male voice, while the female voice was given to Shinji...

It was very, very funny.


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