Chris Maier (
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 16:17:49 -0500

I've noticed the "SD Ganso" lines of SD Gundam kits at both Bradlees and
Suncoast. Quite suprising-I went into Bradlees expecting to find Gundam Wing
MSIA and found these things instead! Anyway, they're quite interesting
little things.
 Here's a list I saw in Bradlees-

      Char's Gelgoog
      Nise Gundam(Gundam/Zaku hybrid)
      Z Gundam(Doesn't transform)
      Hyaku Shiki Kai(Has an opening jaw that reveals shark teeth-a parody
of the ALIEN creature. There's a little comical illustration showing Frau in
Ripley skeevies)
      Rick Dias
      Nu Gundam

A note on these-the ones at Bradlees had color boxes, while the ones at
suncoast had black and white boxes. I think the suncoast ones might be

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