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> -Z- wrote:
> > To get a black hole worth the effort, you'd also need to start with at least
> > planetary mass. Even a black hole with the mass of Mount Everest would have
> > radius of only about 10 to 15 meters, roughly the size of an atomic nucleus.
> Sorry, Z, but is this what you meant? An atomic nucleus of 10 to 15 meters?
> you mean microns or angstroms?

Good catch! What I meant was "10^-15" (10 to the minus 15th) meters, to put it
in the same frame of reference as the 10^-35 used earlier to describe the Planck
Length size limit.

This is what happens when you don't proofread before you post.

On the other hand, I've tried a number of ways to indicate superscripts for
scientific notation, form the ^ to the ** to parenthesis and none of them really
do it. If I were doing this in HTML for my Web page, I'd write it as
10<SUP>-15</SUP> -- does that make any sense in plain text?


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