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--- Zhou Tai An <> wrote:
> >I dislike Eva.
> WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY do you people dislike EVA?
> ARRGGH. ^_^

well, zhou, it's like a fervent christian asking an
atheist, "how can you not believe in god?".

the atheist will answer "how CAN you believe in god?"

zhou, it may very well be that we dislike eva for the
exact same reasons you like it. :)

> Tell me why it's a bad story? I can't find anything
> in it that would
> consistute "bad"

it's bad because nothing happens from start to end.

> >is always bad form to confuse the reader with a
> multiple ending riddled
> >with symbolism and what-ifs. Don't get me wrong, I
> loved evangelion at
> That's the writer's prerogative. If he wants it to
> be surreal and not easily
> understood, that's up to him/her. I mean, James
> Joyce's Ulysses is written
> in the same vein...

eck. hardly. there's a difference between being deep
and profound and being obtuse and roundabout.

> >first, but after watching it again and again, and
> once I got past all the
> >hype and the angels and just doesn't cut
> it. You can argue all
> >you want about the depth of evangelion, or the
> complexity of its
> >characters, but in the end, the idea is to tell a
> good story, not impress
> >everyone with symbolism and dysfunctional
> characters.

i found evangelion no deeper than other anime.
"complex" isn't what i'd call the characters, but
"convoluted". complex is char aznable. convoluted
is shinji, or misato, or ritsuko or gendo.

> I think that is where I disagree with you. Firstly,
> I think it IS a good
> story.

agree to disagree then. :P

>Secondly, art doesn't need to please IMHO. It
> can be boring as all
> hell and still, because of the brillance of
> execution, still be high art. I
> mean, who really enjoys reading every one of
> Shakespeare's plays? Some may
> be really boring, but because of the language and
> other elements, they still
> remain lauded highly.

art is overrated. argue the issue. for something to be
considered "art", it must have meaning and a point to
make. to us who dislike eva, it has neither.

> To reiterate, I still think it's a good story. ^_^
> Part of the reason is :
> (excerpt from mail sent to EchoFox)
> > Hmmm, I think I might have a hold on your
> problems. In order to understand
> > the way EVA characters work, you've got to realize
> that they're all messed
> > up BAD. The entire cast (with a few exceptions)
> has severe psychological
> > problems which at the very least require
> professional counselling to even
> > begin to solve. That's why they all act in the way
> they do.

disagree. there are people who exist in real life
that have worse shit to face than the fictional eva
characters, and they don't crumble to dust like
evangelion characters. shrinks aren't what the
characters need. they just need to grow up.


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