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Super Rob

>God of Death wrote:

>> Ok.
>> 1. There are at least five guys with the same mech.
>> 2. They all have special attacks with their own mech.
>> 3. They combine to form one "mega" mech.
>> 4. That "mega" mech has a special move that is used at the >end of the
>> cartoon to kill the huge bad guy/girl/animal etc.

>Probably the best example that almost everyone on the list has >seen of the
>of show would be Voltron, particularly the lion one (forgot >what the
>Japanese name was). Of course, Voltron was still missing some

Golion, the vehicles was Dairugger.

>ingredients that
>usually popped up in the shows of the genre. Most >particularly, I don't
>a "genius scientist", who was almost always the one who had >invented the
>robot(s) in the various Japanese mecha anime. That's probably >why neither
>Voltron series provided an upgrade midway through.


I thought he was asking for something ala Go Nagai, his creations, Mazinger
Z, Great Mazinger, Getter Robo, UFO Grendizer, were some of the first Super
Robots out there. Most of these seem almost fantasy like with impossible
transformations (the Getter Robo combination and Great Mazingers Scrander
Dash both of which seem to happen almost magically) etc. All had some fancy
base and required a very ornate launch sequence. And if it's Go Nagai, the
Robot has to have some form of Rocket Punch! Also, Go Nagai's mecha
sometimes fought more than one baddie per episode and some baddies took a
longer time, in this case, the final weapon was used only on the last and
often strongest one.

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