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> > SPOILER WARNING, if you havent watchd the Nadesico movie dont read this.
> It states somwhere in the movie that it was 3 years, unless there was two
> years after the series and before the kidnappings happened. i wish that
> this was an OVA though, rather than a game. I dont have a Saturn and dont
> plan to buy one.

    The movie said that the kidnapping happen 3 years ago - Akito and Yurika
was kidnapped when they go on their honeymoon. You can blame that on Sega -
I think they had partially funded the whole anime so I guess they want a
couple of games that's exclusive. As for the game itself, maybe you should
get a Saturn just to play it - I was one of the higher rated game for
Saturn. Of course, if you don't like digital novel, then you would hate the

> I have a booklet with info on the game but I'm to lazy to try to translate
> it (besides, my Japanese isn't up to snuff).

    Do you have a scanner? I want to see if they are just talking about the
story in the game in general or really talk about what the game talks about.
It has been a while since I last play the game so my details on the game is
sketchy at best...

> Yeah really, you'd think shed have grown up a bit, then again, she is from
> the Misumaru family

    I guess the intelligence of the family ran like this - unless it's about
their profession, in which they seems to be pretty good at, they are really
"scatterbrain" at best, although they seems to have great thoughts or ideas
from time to time. The poem that he wrote to make fun of Jun in the movie is
really good!

> Actually, Gundam W is supposed to have Gundanium, but that however seems
> be a convenient plot device to justify their invincibility whereas the
> distortion field seems to have a more fleshed out explanation.

    I mean it seems that the "drama" of the story makes more difference on
how much damage those Gundamium can take then how many hits they have taken.

> Speaking of which, what are those guns that the Aestis use in the movie.
> they use distortion fields?

    If they are the same as the weapons in the Nadesico game for DC, then
it's your typical laser cannon or what not...

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