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SPOILER WARNING, if you havent watchd the Ndadesico movie dont read this.

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>> I loved Nadesico, in fact this show made me change my mind about EVA.
>> Nadesico proved that you can have a good story with a lot of depth
>> being totally angsty and dysfunctional. Also, the characters seemed more
>> real to me, Akito for one doesnt dwell on his angst all the time and
>> actually finds the time to make sense every now and then. And he
>> grows during the series, after undergoing most of his experiences unlike
>> Shinji.

> I take it that you didn't watch the Nadesico movie yet - >without
>to give too much away, let's just say Akito change a lot while >Yurika is
>still your typical airhead.... I really like Ruri, though, .because she's
>like a "better" version of Rei from EVA - in Nadesico, Ruri >learned what
>emotion is about, and how precious it is (as shown when she >helped Akito
>cleaning the virus instead of just erasing the whole system). I >really
>the way Ruri acted toward Akito in the movie...

Yes I have seen the movie and to tell the truth was a bit dissapointed, I
wished that more of the backstory had been explained. I found it nice that
Akito still was kind o a softie even if he was the prince of Darkness. He
wasn't the ususal angry at the world angst ridden character, it was more
like he was trying to protect those he loved from the nightmare that he had
been through.

>> Then the mecha design which seemed to try to do a Gundam (pardon the pun)
>> trying to explain why the mecha were the way they were. >Although the
>> science is a bit tricky, its still there making the >distortion field
>> a bit easier to stomach than an AT field (or GW Gundanium).

> They try really hard - sort of like Star Trek...

At least they try, unlike some series out there were the mecha are
invincible for no reason whatsoever.

Actually, the distortion field is like beam weaponry and
i-fields rolled into one. Its a barrier that you can hurl out at your enemy.

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