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I've had this idea floating in my head for a while. At some point in the UC
timeline, the Earth Federation(Or whatever it's turned into in G-savior),
let's say U.C 0250, due to leaps in technology, begins a new colonization
project-this time to colonize Mars and the moons of various other
planets(Including Jupiter; although once the moons are colonized ownership
of them will be transferred over to the Jupiter Energy fleet in exchange for
a lot of money). However, the sides are not too rosy about this new project,
since it might mean they're getting left behind. Getting edgy, the Earth
Federation loads the first colony ship with a new Gundam type mobile
suit-strictly as a symbol to bring fear to the space colonies. The Gundam
gets a nifty advertising campaign too! Anyway, the Federation's plan doesn't
exactly play off the way it should. The Gundam is destroyed, along with the
colony ship. However, there is absolutely no evidence that any of the
colonies were involved in it's destruction. Regardless, tensions between the
colonies and Earth begin to boil, since the general feeling on Earth is that
the colonies destroyed the Gundam. As tensions rise-and a new
Earth/Spacenoid war starts to become immenent, a special investigation
unit-equipped with a Gundam-is sent to investigate the real cause behind the
destruction. Conspiracy? Jupiter Fleet? Daikun loyalists? The colonies? It's
up to to the team-with their squad of GMs and the Alpha Gundam-to find out
what's happening.
   I want the hero to be somebody different this time-he'll be a guy in his
40s who is used to operating worker MS, but gets involved with the
intelligence division due to something I haven't figured out yet, and ends
up in charge of Alpha Gundam. Also assigned to the intelligence division is
a lady from the space colonies.
  Alpha Gundam is pretty much a bare-bones Gundam-it's got a beam shield and
VSBR but nothing really new. It just has all the current MS technology but
tuned up slightly. Given the mission, it's main mission is
reconaissance-therefore, it has optional boosters for long-range searches
and enhanced cameras and sensors.

 Any thoughts?

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