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>> The (belated) official explanation works for me, I guess.
>> After all, Tomino himself said while the original show
>> was on the air (in an interview with Rapport's editors)
>> that the main difference between the Gundam and GM
>> was that the Gundam is a general-purpose 'bot designed
>> for every occasion, while the mass-produced version is
>> more specialized... in this light, it makes sense for the
>> Gundam to give rise to multiple mass-produced versions
>> that incorporate some subset of its abilities.

>Here's an odd thought, but there are more examples of the GM >being a
>generalized suit than the Gundam. We see the Gundam as the >close in
>half of the Guncannon/Gundam team. But then, when the GM is in >full
>production, we see the GM fill both the close in role of the >Gundam and
>long range role of the Guncannon. It would seem that the GM is >in fact the
>general-purpose version of the more specialized Gundam and >Guncannon.


Actually, the Gundam has the arnament to fulfill most roles, the beam saber
for close range, beam rifle for medium to long range and the hyper bazooka
for long range. This is also eveident in the RX-79[G] with its 180 mm
cannon (bigger than the Guntanks and the Guncannons). Besides the GMs were
still supported by either Balls, Massproduced Guncannons(0080), Massproduced
Guntanks(08th MS) and later GM Cannons.

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