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>>Okay, I know this is Off Topic. But I'm working on a Original >Fiction,
>>for fun. What it is a 'Gekigenger 3' Style Homage to the Old >Go Nagi
>>>Cartoons of old.


>1. There are at least five guys with the same mech.
>2. They all have special attacks with their own mech.
>3. They combine to form one "mega" mech.
>4. That "mega" mech has a special move that is used at the end >of the
>cartoon to kill the huge bad guy/girl/animal etc.

Actualy, only number 4 applies to Go Nagai mecha and not that much really as
Mazinger has killed mech monsters with lesser weapons (Roketto Panchi!!!).
The five guy thing was started I think by Combattler V and taken up by
Voltes V (which was ddirected by Tomino I think, Prince Haniel is a bit like
Char). Getter Robo only had 3 ppl.

If its Go Nagai, go for really weird, organic looking baddies, other,
support super robots (ala Aphrodite A) and comic relief mecha (ala Boss
Boroto, Texas Mack and Texas Robo). ANd also, the main robot should upgrade
to a "Great" or "G" (even V) version about halfway through, after someone
"dies" of course.


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