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> >Personally, I agree. I positively hate Evangelion with a passion ... I
> >handle angst ridden characters as long as its handled tactfully and they
> >have some other redeeming qualities, but there hasn't been a single show
> >since Eva with more characters I've outright hated.
>I'm afraid that as the resident die-hard EVA fan on the list, I must take
>objection to this. ^_^ I'll spare you the 12-page essay on why EVA is good
>and instead ask - why do you think so? I'm geniuely astonished - most anime
>fans LOVE the series. In fact, it's difficult to find someone that dislikes
>EVA, or Esca, or Ranma. So what's your take?

The only characters I liked in EVA were mostly side characters and Misato,
the main Characters (Shinji, Asuka) just turned me of as being to weird and
without any redeeming qualities (especially Shinji). IMHO, the only reason
people liked Rei was because of the Kawaii factor, but near the end her
character became pretty much screwed up what with all the clones and all.

Most of the characters in EVA just need to plain grow up!

>I dislike Eva.

>I dislike it for the main reason that it ended up being a bad >story. Just
>as I found the ending of Akira bad. As a writer and >storyteller myself,
>is always bad form to confuse the reader with a multiple ending >riddled
>with symbolism and what-ifs. Don't get me wrong, I loved >evangelion at
>first, but after watching it again and again, and once I got >past all the
>hype and the angels and just doesn't cut it. You >can argue all
>you want about the depth of evangelion, or the complexity of >its
>characters, but in the end, the idea is to tell a good story, >not impress
>everyone with symbolism and dysfunctional characters.

Symbolism and dysfunctionality is not an excuse for a screwed up ending.
Lack of funds however can be tolerated. ^o^

>You can also argue that it's my taste; but then, I have a >dislike for a
>series that has more then one ending. I would rather prefer an >ambiguous
>ending to having to choose between multiples. And yes, I've >heard the
>argument that both endings are supposedly an internal and >external
>POV. Maybe so, but it makes for a helluvalot of confusion. >better if
>had just spent more money and done it right the first time >around.

>And there is the answer to the question.

>> >Brain powered, on the other hand, was an odd, bizarre, but >fairly
>> >show. I've seen 6 episodes or so and I've enjoyed it so far. >Definately
>> >my to-buy list once it hits DVD.
>> >To comment on the original post. Gasaraki is the best mecha >show, and
>> >definately one of the best shows overall, produced in the >last 3 or 4
>> >anyway, if not longer.
>>How about Escaflowne? Sure, it's not really a mecha show, but >it's damn

> IS a mecha show. yes, it's magical and all that, but >if the
>escaflowne and the melefs aren't considered mecha, then wow...

Some people tend to consider the melefs as armor rather than mecha.
Although they clearly are mecha (in my book at least, then again), just
magically powered(kinda reminded me of the Magiteks in FF6).

>what about Nadesico?

I loved Nadesico, in fact this show made me change my mind about EVA.
Nadesico proved that you can have a good story with a lot of depth without
being totally angsty and dysfunctional. Also, the characters seemed more
real to me, Akito for one doesnt dwell on his angst all the time and
actually finds the time to make sense every now and then. And he actually
grows during the series, after undergoing most of his experiences unlike

Then the mecha design which seemed to try to do a Gundam (pardon the pun) by
trying to explain why the mecha were the way they were. Although the
science is a bit tricky, its still there making the distortion field concept
a bit easier to stomach than an AT field (or GW Gundanium).

Being an English Lit Major in college, I've recently taken up Russian
Formalism which introduces an idea called "ostranenie" or defamiliarization.
This basically involves the "laying bare" of a literary device. I found a
lot of this in Nadesico as well as some Brechtian (alienation effect)
influences when the cast was actually aware of the audience (ep. 19 and the
"Explanations being prime examples). There a a lot of times in Nadesico
thatthis thing happens (the aforementioned explanations) and these are
written well enough into the story that they dont interfere. A similar thing
to this thats not in Anime would be in Terry Pratchets Discworld novels
where he uses a lot of footnotes that arent really part of the story but
rather enrich the world where it is in.

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