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Hehe, a subject which I can't resist replying on. :P

I think I heard from somewhere that Akatsuki (being the Char parody) does
some classic Char lines and parodies them. Richie - you watched me tapes
right? You mentioned that when he said "It worked..." (in the fansubs) that
it was a reference to Char's first time he rode the Hyaku-Shiki? I can't
remember that Zeta Gundam scene anymore... Last time I saw it was waaayyy
back in 94 and I only have the first few eps. fansubbed. My money seems to
be siphoned off by all these new mecha and action series coming out...
(Gasaraki, Shadow Skill etc.) -_-;

>I remember reading somewhere that the "kidou" was the Japanese term used
>for "high-mobility" units - a term which was often used during the Vietnam

Interesting... so "kidou" was a term used by Japanese reporters covering the

>- In the "Nadesico Plus" book, there are various aestivalis custom color
>schemes, one of which is listed as the color scheme for "Johnny Matsunaga"
>(Combination of Johnny Ridden and Shun Matsunaga)

THIS one I didn't know. :P

Thanks Andrew... funny how I miss out on a lot... I'll check my book now.


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