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> >I just want to Ask-What are the Cliche's of Old 70's Robot Anime?
> >
> >If anyone has any suggestions about this Fic or Advice, just put it on
> >Board.

> 1. There are at least five guys with the same mech.
> 2. They all have special attacks with their own mech.
> 3. They combine to form one "mega" mech.
> 4. That "mega" mech has a special move that is used at the end of the
> cartoon to kill the huge bad guy/girl/animal etc.

    You are talking about the various "combination" robot anime like
Combattler V or Voltes V, which is only a part of the old 70s super robot
anime. Here are some of the cliches I can think of:

1) Almost all of the main characters (the one that control the main robot)
are usually "hot blood" character, meaning they like to serve justice, more
action than thinking, etc.
2) There will always be an episode where the enemy will send a spy to the
"good" side.
3) Like Gundam W and Gundam X, there are times where "normal" hits won't
hurt the main robot that much, and there will be times when one or two hit
seems to be enough to knock off the main robot.
4) The main robot will almost always get new weapons, usually to counter an
enemy weapons or the robot's own weakness (like Mazinger Z get the ability
to fly).
5) The heroine almost always didn't really "get it on" with the girlfriend
until the last episodes (meaning you would see hints that the hero and the
girlfriend like each other and stuff, but you rarely see them doing what
couples do, like kissing and stuff, until very late into the series).
6) There will be usually one "dramatic" death so the hero can grow up
7) There will be various "useless" supporting units, like planes or robots,
just so there will be some variety.
8) Almost all of the "better" moves of the robot must be "yelled" out when
the robot perform it. Getta Beam!

    That's all I can think of at the moment, since it has been a LONG time
since I watch an old school super robot anime...

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