Richie Ramos (
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 03:47:23 +0800

>EVA is overrated, yes.
>Personally, I kept watching it, and I was waiting for "What's the point?"
>When I got to the movies, I discovered what the point was.
>There is none.

well, there was a rumor that the creator had a problem dealing with a
failed relationship in the years before evangelion.

maybe that's the point; it may be some sort of public catharsis.

>EVA is the Seinfeld of anime, and I despise Seinfeld. I did like the
>mecha designs,
>mind you-but the characters personally offended me to no end.

aye well. a Lot of my friends as well have reacted in a curious manner;
when eva first came out, it was loved by everyone...but as time went on...POOF.

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