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> A few days ago, someone mentioned the alleged "Super Napalm" Gundam
> in Nadesico. I've been rewatching Nadesico recently, and want to make a
> list of the Gundam references there. If anyone can think of any I haven's
> mentioned, let me know.
> - The opening sequence of the CHULIP falling on Mars in episode 1 is a
> parody of 0079's colony drop sequence
> - The aforementioned "super napalm"

Sounds like Suppa-Uppa to me I'm just listening to the Japanese
track on my DVD mind you.

MY two contributions may nto be easily recognized by some but
here goes.

When the bugs are attacking the city and Akito is cooking in the
kitchen an aircraft gets shot down. The aircraft looks like some
mobile suit in Waverider mode from Zeta, and the flying bug is
shown to look a lot like the Asshimar, not the mech, just the one
scene where it shoots down the waverider.

My second one is when Gai asks for them to launch him out a
rifle, bazooka whatever, that's classic Amuro/Camille Gundam

Now casual observations they say "Ichi Mas" when launching,
not every robot show does, but most Gundams shows do. And
the Nadesico looks a lot like the Whitebase.


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