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> Nicholas Paufler writes,
> However, this almost never happens in Gundam. Teams of three or four
> mobile suits are almost invariably homogenous (i.e. made up of the same
> type of mobile suit). Makes sense - otherwise there could be huge gaps in
> mobility or performance between the team members. Why do you think the
> military doesn't mix F-14s and F-18s into the same squadron?
Good point. Anybody (-Z-, Burke?) have access to any details on the specific
power/mobility differences between the GM and Gundam? Considering they're
tramping through jungles and deserts, and they _are_ groundtype mobile
suits, i'm assuming they spend the bulk of their time actually walking
bipedal... would the Gundam be faster? Or maybe even the GM because of the
reduced wait? At least to the extent where it would effect their top speed?

> Another thing - if all the members of the team are using the same type
> of mobile suit, you only need to keep spare parts and supplies for one
> type. In Blue Destiny (the novelization, that is), it's explained that Yu
> Kajima's test team is made up of five mobile suits - three combat units,
> one to guard the headquarters group, and one spare. If they were using
> multiple types, they'd need two or more spares. This is probably also the
> reason why Zeon mobile suits are usually mass-produced in multiples of 14
> - enough for one 12-member squadron, plus two spares.
Right, that makes perfect sense to me. I should have mentioned it in my
original post. The bulk of the people in R.A.A.M. seemed to feel that this
wasn't of notable concern, considering the number of common parts between
the GM and Gundam ground types. The other hitch as that there _were_ no
spareparts for the Gundams, so I'd imagine they'd be forced to use GM
What about the fact that they're all based out of the Kojima Battalion?
Would the composition of units matter all that much in terms of repair? I
doubt Shiro is going to be doing any extensive field repairs away from base
and any major work would be done by the battalion mechanics, who would have
access to a common pool of spares. I can't see them allocating spares by
squad ("Sorry, 03rd MS Team, you've already used up your allotment of right
hands, you're out of luck. Yes I know the 05th has lots left but thats
because they were more careful" ;p).

> Your mathematical explanation is interesting, but I'm not sure whether
> the vagaries of tactics and pilot talent allow for so precise a
> computation on the part of the commanders. In the case of the 08th MS
> Team mobile suits, we're dealing with a pretty kick-ass GM and a pretty
> lame Gundam, so the difference in capabilities is presumably pretty
Again, very true. The variance in pilot ability does screw up potential
Is there any data on the relative skill of the pilots in each of the Kojima
Battallions squads? Were those squads lucky enough to score Gundams more
skilled? How were the allotments handled? Luck of the draw?

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