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>>In that case, you can't use Turn A arguments. ^_^
>You seem a bit childish. It is a bit annoying that you won't do your own
>research, yet force others to prove their position. Everyone else ends up
>have to prove to you, when all you need to do is hold fast and wait it out. A
>good debate strategy, but one that can only be sparingly, as it cause people
>to stop caring what your position is to begin with.
>This post will be my last response to you on this subject, not because I feel
>your point is valid, but because there is no use arguing a point with you at

It was a joke, friend - That's why the smiley is there. ^_^ If you are
really bent on using Turn A arguments, then point me to a site which has the
said information, because I don't think the Gundam Project has enough to go on.

>Funny, almost all of the model kits include them...

I don't consider model kits canon. ^_^ (Yes, this is a joke again...)

>Most combat encounters don't last that long. Besides, the time limit is based

Yes, but some (actually quite a large number) do. Especially those long
dogfights in space and huge space battles.

>on unit efficiency. The Big Zam had two I-field generators that could last
>for several minutes, only failed due to an inefficient cooling system (which
>is understandable, as cooling down is harder to do in space than heating up).
>Better technology could indeed allow a smaller unit to last longer. Or not,
>since in both cases we are seeing plot devices, not real science and

Since I-Fields have been shown to be eminently technically possible in
Gundam technology, I don't see why they aren't classified as "real" tech.

>MSZ-006 Z Gundam's Mega Bazooka Launcher

This is the only one really used in the series, and it wasn't exactly
standard issue either...

>RX-99 Neo Gundam's Generative Beam Rifle

Where is this from?

>Also, there are beam rifles that are powered directly from the suits reactor.
>MSZ-006C1 Z Plus's Beam Smart Gun
>MSA-010 ZZ Gundam's Hyper Mega Particle Cannon
>MSA-0011 S Gundam's Beam Smart Gun
>F90-V Gundam's Vriable Speed Beam Rifle
>F91 Gundam's Variable Speed Beam Rifle

Off the point. ^_^

>And as seem in the alternate series, there are units that carry a separate
>generator for the rifles.
>OZ-13MSX1 Vayeate
>OZ-02MD Virgo
>WF-02MD Virgo II
>But I guess those don't count either. :)


>> Ummm, the VSBR can puncture normal beam
>> shields. It stands to reason that given technological
>> advancements, it'd become even stronger...
>Strong enough to punch through an I-field? Even when the same amount of time
>and effort to strengthen the VSBR could also be put into strengthening

Why not? Remember, in order to generate a more powerful I-Field, you need a
bigger reactor, in most cases...increasing the output of the reactor only
goes so far, and besides, also results in you heating up that much faster.

>Which gets me thinking along a different line. As matter can pass through an
>I-field, then how does the Minovsky Craft system work? It can't push off of
>the matter, as matter passes through the I-field. Now, it does say that the
>I-field pushes off conductive matter like metal, water, and the Earth, but
>that means that it is nonconductive matter that I-fields can't stop. So, if
>Zaku's are armored in armor grade steel, then how can they pass through
>I-fields? And while suits after the Zaku series are all armored in titanium,
>are they completely nonconductive? Or do they have so few conductive parts
>that the I-field doesn't care? Or ... is it that the I-field actually shields
>against kinetic energy found in the movement of conductive materials?
>Conductive materials moving through an electromagnetic field will conduct
>electricity, and I-fields are shaped with strong EM fields. As Minovsky
>particles are charged, are we in fact seeing the repulsion of electricity, or
>raw energy, instead of the actual material itself?
>Just a thought.

Interesting theory, but there is one simple solution - units don't pass
through I-Fields very often. ^_^ With the exception of the Gundam in the OYW
and Neue Ziel in 0083, we hardly see any unit go through one...

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