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> wouldn't it be because also of adverse conditions
> in space battle? these could hypothetically trigger
> abilities....

While most people follow Zeon Zum Daikun's thought that a New Type of
humanity will be born from the transition from land to space, just humanity
once transitioned from the seas to land, it is generally assumed that
Newtypes will be found among those born in space. But we see the crew of the
White Base become Newtypes as they fight the forces of Zion in both space and
on the Earth. Amuro himself was born on Earth, and relocated to space with
his father. It does seem that life or death situations bring out the
heightened awareness and mechanical affinity we see in Newtype. Also, as
Tomino suggested in both the original series and in the novelization, those
close to a Newtype, that share that Newtypes life or death struggles, will
form a connection with that Newtype, become Newtypes in their own way. I do
see this with Bright, Mirai, Sayla, and the rest of the White Base team, even
Frau Bow and the kids.

With Char a Newtype, on his own? Or did he become a Newtype through his
connection with Amuro and Lala Sun? Lala became a Newtype through the tragedy
of her parents death, but Char was too young to become a Newtype from his own
father's death, as Char was never in directly in danger. He was extremely
driven as a teen, and accomplish much in combat, but was even truly in a
situation that could bring out a Newtype?

All of this are just my theories, so don't take it as gospel.


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