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Tucson, Arizona?!
That's where I and Probe live. There is no one in the Tucson phone book
with the last name of Leake. If he is a member of TASS; , maybe someone there might know him?

The University phone book has someone named Abby Leake (Fine Arts Major)
living on North Campbell.

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Vince Leon

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Subject: [gundam] Gabriel Leake / Piccolo-Daimoh - Know him?

    This may qualify as an abuse of the forum, and so I apologise in

Does anyone know this man?

Gabriel Leake aka Piccolo-Daimoh (Or something similiar)


He was selling tapes of GundamX a few months back on eBay, and mine
never appeared. I recently lost my email history including his email
addy, and the closest one I've found is above, from ebay, but the guy
says it's not him.

    Now, the guy was happy enough to talk to me a couple of weeks ago,
and seemed to know enough about Gundam to profiteer from it, so it
sounded kosher, so has anyone heard of him?

    If I have been ripped, and I still have his snail mail, any
suggestions? ;-)

Sorry for clogging up the ML, but I would really like to contack Mr.
Leake of Tucson, Arizona


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