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> > Brain Powerd- like Eva, or Garasaki are one of those series that you
> > either love or hate. Part of the problem people have with BP are when
> > they try to compare it to Eva. It's not as flashy, experimental, or
> > angsty as Eva. And supposedly Tomino made some comment that BP would
> > blow EVA off the air. (Wrong move Tomino.) Anyway I believe this was
> > discussed on the GML last year.
> Judging from the response it receive from Japan would tell you the
>result (hint: Garasaki was pretty well receive in Japan, but BP isn't...)

Popularity is no indication of quality.

> >
> > I personally think BP is brilliant. It's got great music, cool mecha
> > concepts, ...and this wonderful atmosphere that Tomino always
> > delivers. Those of you who want a taste of Turn-A gundam, should
> > check out BP as they are similar in many ways. In fact I'd argue that
> > BP is a better work than Turn-A.
> I don't think so - BP just left me confused - the story just seems to go
>from here to there without a good reason, and the characters are so
>"generic" that it's hard to like them... To me, it has pretty much all the
>elements of robot anime, but it just seems to be not very done, as the stuff
>doesn't stick together that well. The heroine of the story has a whiny
>voice, which is always a minus for a "serious" series...

Heh, the Heroine (Hime) in BP is voiced by the same actress as Soshie
in Turn-A so get used to it.

Yeah, i agree the whole Orphen/ organic engine stuff is confusing,
and I would add that I felt the animation was barely acceptable.
There are A LOT of characters but they don't seem so generic when you
become familiar with them. (reading Animerica's article on BP
helped). I guess to each his own, but I loved how subtle the
conscience Mecha were portrayed, and I enjoyed trying to decipher
orphen along with the heros. I like a series that plays out subtly.


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