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> Hi, recently I have been fascinated with other anime series. Do anyone
> reviews, comments or information on the following series?

    Sure, if you trust my opinion...

> Gasaraki

    It's a really, really deep series. Be prepair to watch something like
EVA without almost any sort of comedy or things like that to "soften" the
story. The mecha action is cool, but it's pretty rare (you probably see
action only in a few episodes). Really good story, but kinda hard to swallow
for some people...

> Super Robot

    Is there a series called Super Robot?

> and
> Brain Powered

    This is the perfect example of trying to be EVA and failing miserably. I
really cannot think of anything good about the series - it seems that they
take various common elements of robot anime and put it there, and the stuff
just doesn't stick together that well...

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