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At 21:06 11/15/2000 +0800, Zhou Tai An wrote:
>How about a "burst" reactor, which produces a massive amount of
>electromagnetism and Minovsky particles at one shot? I'm not as familiar
>with the technical side of things, so I'm not sure whether it would be
>possible, but it's a thought.

        Sure, you can do it, but this would be closer to a bomb than a
reactor. More likely, the user would redline a reactor by demanding more
output from it, hence telling the reactor to use more fuel to get more
reactions, in order to get more Minovsky particles.

>How about using some kind of gravitational acceleration, or adding different
>particles (mesons and such) to increase power?

        No mention of any gravity wave technology in UC AFAIK, so I think we
can rule out a gravitronic accelerator. As for adding other particles... I
don't know. The way Minovsky particles are fused into mega-particles pretty
much eliminated the possibility of adding other particles to the mix.

>Have you ever played Blood of Jion/Giren's Greed? The balance and power of
>the mobile suits is almost exactly what you might expect from actually
>fighting in the OYW...

        No, I haven't played it, but I guess this game only covers the OYW
period? In this period, we have been more or less certain which MS is more
powerful than the other. In fact, as long as the MSes are within one series,
we can pretty much peg its performance relative within the series.

        The problem comes when we try to compare MS over multiple series,
because we tend to lose our frame of reference. In the immediate OYW period,
it was easier because we tend to use Zaku IIs as a baseline measure.
However, even this comparison breaks down when we try to apply this to 0080,
because the specs are overpowered there. Later shows like CCA, with no
baseline to measure from -- IIRC, almost all MS in that show are new -- it's
not certain how much more powerful the MS in there are. Same applies for F91.

        The other point here is that we are talking about the power of a
mega-particle weapon here, not the abilities of MSes. In games, most would
lump the weapons and specs of a MS into stats -- i.e., if a unit has high
thrust and has a beam weapons, its offensive stats would be higher than a
unit without, such as Gelgoog vs. Zaku. Hence, there are other factors
involved when game stats are created, not just whether their beam weapons
are more powerful or not.

        I'm not too sure how you would get mega-particles of a different
speed. There's definitely a lower bound to the speed of mega-particles, but
I'm not too sure how you would go about increasing that speed. More energy
applied over a smaller time period when compressing the I-field comes to
mind, but I can't be sure.

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