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Thu, 16 Nov 2000 22:35:35 EST

try this link:


eBay requires every seller to submit his/her credit card information. Or you
can contact eBay's "Safe harbor" team, they can help you track down this

> This may qualify as an abuse of the forum, and so I apologise in
>Does anyone know this man?
>Gabriel Leake aka Piccolo-Daimoh (Or something similiar)
>He was selling tapes of GundamX a few months back on eBay, and mine
>never appeared. I recently lost my email history including his email
>addy, and the closest one I've found is above, from ebay, but the guy
>says it's not him.
> Now, the guy was happy enough to talk to me a couple of weeks ago,
>and seemed to know enough about Gundam to profiteer from it, so it
>sounded kosher, so has anyone heard of him?
> If I have been ripped, and I still have his snail mail, any
>suggestions? ;-)
>Sorry for clogging up the ML, but I would really like to contack Mr.
>Leake of Tucson, Arizona
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