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The reason for that is that the Barton Foundation designed the Heavyarms
and they likes the "shoot first, and ask questions later" or "Fire like
mad" tactics for thier Mobile Suits.

~Chris "NeoGoji" M.~

Andrew Dynon wrote:
> Just had this weird thought today...
> In EW, the Serpent is a mass-produced MS based off the Gundam Heavyarms.
> Therefore...
> The Serpent is a *GM*!!!!!
> (Yes, I know how exactly how stupid the above statement will seem to the UC
> diehards here. I don't give a stuff, like I said, it's just a weird thought)
> What purpose does this observation serve? None really... but if there's a
> fan artist out there who can design GM versions of the other GW Gundams,
> I'd like to see them.
> Any speculations on what they'd look like? (apart from "a lot like the
> Gundams"?)
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