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On Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:47:33 Winn Sevilla wrote:

>Weren't the Titans created to suppress spacenoids? then why build >something like the Hi-Zack and the Marasai, and why did they concentrate >their research on "mono-eye" mobile suits instead of the GMs?

Think of it from an economic point of view. The feds probably sequestered a lot of the remaining Zeon Zakus after the war. The Hi-Zack is a hybrid (or failed attempt) of the Zaku and the original GM. Given the resources and the need to produce more suits, this would have been practical.

>And whats the differences of the Hi-Zack & Marasai from the zeons Zaku >line? >is it better than those R-1 types? As said the Hi-Zack is the hybrid of Zeon and GM technologies. In battle they both suck, but then again...superiority in numbers and all..

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