Loran Cehack (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Wed, 15 Nov 00 19:22:39 -0500

I went to a model store today to look around and possibly get something.
I found this place called "Fan Fare" it was this little hut kinda place
owned by one guy who sells a bunch of cool (and some not so legal) anime
stuff. The only non-SD Gundam model kits he had there were the HGUC Gogg
and... get this... the HGUC Guncannon! Which I ofcourse immediately
bought. This kit is awesome, in everyway, it looks so basic and boxy, but
man! when I built it, I saw that it can bend and move in a whole lot of
ways I'd of never thought possible just by looking at it. To whoever was
asking about this kit, It's Awesome!! Very cheap and and excellent model
all around.

Also, at this Fan Fare place, the guy had gotten a hold of English subbed
eps (Volume 1, which I think is eps 1-4, right?) Of Turn A Gundam, and he
said he'd get more, however the tape was a copy and had a crappy looking
cover, that's why I bought the model instead of the tape. Also, how is
the HGUC Gogg? The box was really big and it looked kinda good. anyone
have it?

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