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> At 09:23 11/13/2000 -0800, Mark Simmons wrote:
> > Absolutely. That's why the Minovsky drive's emissions can function as
> >huge beam sabers. :-)
> Wait wait wait.. that didn't make sense.
> The Minovsky particles are charged particles moving at great speed
> -- effectively a particle beam cannon. A pure Drive system won't be
> interested in setting up a magnetic containment field to hold in the
> particles -- and it may not be possible at any rate.
> Unless the Drive's been set up to serve dual purposes?
> I.e. In Drive
> mode to push out high velocity Minovsky particles, and in Saber
> mode to push
> out lower velocity Minovsky particles?

Call it unintented side effect. The streams of sped up compressed Minosky
particles can best be described as an open ended beam saber, since there is
no cap on the end of the wing of light. And at that speed and particle
density, it is in a super heated fluid state. Add this all up, the wing of
light on V2 is kind of different beam saber. It's a beam saber made up
completely of superheated Minosky particle in fluid state. (The primary aim
of Minosky Drive is just to throw compress Minosky particles out as
propellent, at near light speed).

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