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>Except that its not on a computer or console. Actually, there are a few new
table top games coming out that are all about mecha in WWII. Lot's of fun,
especially when the miniatures come out. I would like to know more about
of Red, though, if you could provide me with some information on in private.

    Sorry, since I don't have a scanner, I cannot provide pictures and stuff
for the game. Besides, my Japanese isn't good enough to translate most of
the stuff yet. I just know that RoR setting is in WW2, where the Japanese
hasn't surrender yet. There are a few robots on their side, so does the rest
of the nations. You can add supporting staff to each robot (some provide
mines to help disrupt the enemy movements, other increase mobility, etc.),
and each pilot have different special abilities (like can start to shoot
without finishing normal reloading process, more close range attack damage,
etc. Very similar to Front Mission, except that each pilot has a lot of
abilities they can get). Of course, there are ground troops and there are
snipers that are actually good against robots, and even some robots that are
great against ground troops. Look really interesting. Anybody out there on
the list with more information?

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