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>Well, I guess to each his own. While some may prefer their gaming with other
>people, others may prefer their gaming on a terminal only. Neither is better
>than to other, and no one loses out.

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to both sides...I think we
prefer Japanese games for this argument because I believe that since they
draw on the original source material, they are better gauges of how
realistic things in Gundam are.

>> I am not sure if you play Giren's Greed or not, but it
>> certainly have a better sense of "realism" than some
>> of the other "outrageous" game you have play, like
>> maybe SRW. As in Giren's Greed, you have to let
>> the target shot at you first before you can close in
>> and hack at them.
>So, you get shot, then you rush up and attack with your beam saber? Big world
>of difference. :)

Play the game. Then you'll know what we're talking about. ^_^

>Except that its not on a computer or console. Actually, there are a few new
>table top games coming out that are all about mecha in WWII. Lot's of fun,
>especially when the miniatures come out. I would like to know more about Ring
>of Red, though, if you could provide me with some information on in private.

Yes, what is this?

>Whatever. I never said that suits were unimportant, or that ships could win
>on there own. I did say that combined tactics works very well, and that I see
>these combined tactics in Gundam, even though you seem to interpret these
>scenes differently than I do. I was just trying to express to you that you
>are unfairly under estimating to use of ships in Gundam, even though it can
>be plainly seen that ships do get better, and are use to do more than just to
>scare people.
>But Mr. Lim as stated this more eloquently than I can, so I will leave it at

Yes, we agree ships are important as well as MSes - we just disagree as to
the degree of their importance.

>No, not really. Every time I provided cover fire, I was actually trying to
>hit my target. My intention was to either kill my opponent, or at least keep
>them from shooting back as I pinned them behind cover. They of course did the
>same. When artillery is called in, it isn't just to scare your opponent, but
>to either kill them or remove their ability to kill you. And if ships are
>supporting suits with supporting fire and cover fire, then they are in fact
>trying to kill or destroy as much as they can, so that their daughter craft
>can come home in one piece.

Yes, but with the presence of Minovsky particles, most your shots end up
becoming cover fire, regardless of how good your aiming is. Anyway, I
addressed this point in a different post...

>No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that since suits are the focus, there
>isn't enough evidence to say that ships are utilized in the manner you seem
>to think. Centuries of naval warfare prove their use over a few seconds of on
>screen time that doesn't.

I refer you back to my analogy of the gun and sword - centuries of
close-combat refinement went down the drain when the gun was invented. Which
is what I think MSes are to the Gundam world; the new guns.

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