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> Depending on where you are -- there are a few sites
> in Japan that provide a board for fans to share their
> thoughts and such on various console games. You
> may rarely see it here, but for a few games like Super
> Robot Wars, they do create a sense of community,
> since they are basically a product of
> people's interest in anime...

Well, I guess to each his own. While some may prefer their gaming with other
people, others may prefer their gaming on a terminal only. Neither is better
than to other, and no one loses out.

Btw, I will be publishing some rules for playing Gundam models against each
other, using the Lightning Strike game mechanics in the EXO on-line magazine.
You will be able to play with models ranging from the 1/2400 scale ships
through to the 1/60 scale suits, with little to no problems. I do have to
admit, though, that you will need a lot more space to play with the larger
scales than with the smaller scales, as a game using 1/1200 scale ships and
1/550 scale suits will that a fraction of the space a game using only 1/100
scale suits will take. But you will be able to play it, and I will be playing
these games and photographing/videoing them.

> I am not sure if you play Giren's Greed or not, but it
> certainly have a better sense of "realism" than some
> of the other "outrageous" game you have play, like
> maybe SRW. As in Giren's Greed, you have to let
> the target shot at you first before you can close in
> and hack at them.

So, you get shot, then you rush up and attack with your beam saber? Big world
of difference. :)

Seriously though, I know these games can be fun, and you seem to enjoy them
immensely, and that is great. Enjoy them and be happy. Just because I find
them boring doesn't mean you would find my games all the more interesting.

> Kinda remind me of that Ring Of Red game for PS2,
> where you have robots alongside soldiers in WW2...

Except that its not on a computer or console. Actually, there are a few new
table top games coming out that are all about mecha in WWII. Lot's of fun,
especially when the miniatures come out. I would like to know more about Ring
of Red, though, if you could provide me with some information on in private.

> Then we aren't going anywhere -- as we have said so
> before, ships are still important, but relatively speaking,
> MS is more important. You cannot win without one of
> the two.

Whatever. I never said that suits were unimportant, or that ships could win
on there own. I did say that combined tactics works very well, and that I see
these combined tactics in Gundam, even though you seem to interpret these
scenes differently than I do. I was just trying to express to you that you
are unfairly under estimating to use of ships in Gundam, even though it can
be plainly seen that ships do get better, and are use to do more than just to
scare people.

But Mr. Lim as stated this more eloquently than I can, so I will leave it at

> We aren't saying that Ships didn't target other ship -
> we are just saying that with a moving target and
> limited mobility of ships, they miss more often than
> they hit. When people provide coverfire, they generally
> aim at the area where the enemies are -- just not
> exactly at a particular spot...

No, not really. Every time I provided cover fire, I was actually trying to
hit my target. My intention was to either kill my opponent, or at least keep
them from shooting back as I pinned them behind cover. They of course did the
same. When artillery is called in, it isn't just to scare your opponent, but
to either kill them or remove their ability to kill you. And if ships are
supporting suits with supporting fire and cover fire, then they are in fact
trying to kill or destroy as much as they can, so that their daughter craft
can come home in one piece.

> Like I said before, we aren't going anywhere -- are you
> saying that if the Fed spend tons on money on ships,
> they would win, even if they don't spend much money
> on MS? You seems to say that people don't care about
> the ships, but you are wrong -- mobile suits are the focus,
> so does that mean we don't need mechanics or support
> personals?

No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that since suits are the focus, there
isn't enough evidence to say that ships are utilized in the manner you seem
to think. Centuries of naval warfare prove their use over a few seconds of on
screen time that doesn't.


EXO Mechanical Editor & Mecha Designer

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