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>No, the mail was on this. And there aren't much surface particles in space. ^_^

        Oh, really? With all the space dust and assorted debris left over
from the initial conflicts of the early OYW, certain areas of space is very
dirty. An MS flying through these small particles probably won't worry too
much about it, but a laser's more easily affected by these minute particles.

>You're forgetting one important system - telescoping. Not only have I seen
>this in Gundam, it stands to reason that by UC timelines, telescoping
>technology has gotten a lot better.

        I think there's a finite -- and economic -- limit to telescoping,
and in space, ranges are much longer than comparable on Earth. Even if you
can use the 'scope, your laser might not be able to reach the target with
enough strength -- at least, if you are not using a colony laser.

>Simple touch sensor - I don't see the problem.

        Never mind -- if you don't get it by now, I won't be to convince you

>Well, since I have seen pilots dodge *incoming* bolts a couple of times, I'm
>of the opinion that beam weapons are actually much slower than you
>think...come to think of it, hasn't the White Base or a similar agile vessel
>also dodged incoming beam fire?

        Beam weapons are slower than light, definitely, and the White Base
did dodge the beam (which puts to rest your arguments about ships not being
agile enough), but I really cannot say *how* they did it..

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