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> > Perhaps this is the see, I don't
> > consider Turn A canon Gundam. ^_^ (Stupid
> > mustached robots. Besides which, it's a dumb
> > series IMHO)
>It matters not to me what you consider to be canon or not, as that is your
>opinion. But Turn A is Gundam, all personal feels aside. The technology is
>the same, the world is the same, and the story is the same. The "Mustached
>Robot" may look dumb to some, but it is still a Gundam.

But it's quite different technology from UC technology.

Incidentally, how were all the universes listed chronologically in Turn-A?

> > Definite your term "mega-launcher"?
>My mistake, I meant Beam Launcher, or Beam Bazooka. I don't know why I wrote
>Mega Launcher. Probably because I'm still try to figure out what a
>Multi-Launcher is.

I think it's a body-mounted projectile launcher.

> > The shields in Crossbone Gundam are beam shields,
> > not I-Fields, if recall correctly.
>So, the I-field the X-3 produces in its hand is a beam shield? I could have
>sworn the I-field posts stated differently. if it is in fact an beam shield,
>then isn't a beam shield still an I-field, only shaped, strengthened, and
>filled? If not, then what was you're point, again?

It's an I-field. My theory is that the X3 had two I-fields, one for beam
deflection and a second, smaller one for beam saber attacks.

However, it's extremely limited even about 30-40 years after the invention
of the I-field.

>As to how it gets into the casing, if beam rifles can mount their own
>generators, why can't a shield?

But they don't. They were powered by E-caps, which are a rechargable
source of mega-particles (or were they plain Minovsky particles?)

Beam rifles that included their own generators were huge. (Eg Hyaku Shiki)

> Why does an I-field generator have to be
>bulky to be used as a defensive device? Why can't a small I-field generator
>be build into a magnetized armored casing, forming a shield? It's not like
>the I-field is covering the entire MS, just the shield itself.

It's possible, but in UC130 it's not feasible.

Jonathan Ng

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