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>Reading an old issue of Hobby Japan about the Hi-Zack HGUC,
>it came across to me on why the Titans built this type of MS.
>Weren't the Titans created to suppress spacenoids? then why >build
>something like the Hi-Zack and the Marasai, and why did they >concentrate
>their research on "mono-eye" mobile suits instead of the GMs?

Other that familiarity as an "enemy" MS?

My theory is that since the Zaku II and other "Zak-heads" were
representative of spacenoid freedom, having an MS that looks like these
Zak-heads has a psychological effect. Especially if your a Zeon loyalist,
seeing a "Zak-head" type MS will make you biased towards that suit and the
side its on. As for Fed loyalist, we have GM IIs for that.

>And whats the differences of the Hi-Zack & Marasai from the >zeons Zaku
>is it better than those R-1 types?

I think that the Hi-Zack are a bit more powerful (can carry beam weapons)
and have better armor.

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