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>> You haven't been reading the I-Field posts, it seems...
>> a LOT of energy and Minovsky particles is necessary
>> to generate an I-Field, a lot more than can be fitted
>> into a shield casing.
>Oh, but I have. And what makes you think that by 0200 UC, I-field technology
>cannot be miniaturized down to fit inside of a tower or oversized kite
>shield? Also, no where in the I-field posts is it mentioned the use of
>I-fields as structural elements in MS construction, yet we see this in the
>I-field motors used in Fed MS construction, and even more so in the White

Umm, yes, they were mentioned before. All MS reactors also contain a weak
I-Field to keep the plasma out.

>Doll and Sumo designs seen in Turn A (both of which do in fact mount shield
>encased I-field generators, as well as using I-fields in place of mobile

Perhaps this is the problem...you see, I don't consider Turn A canon Gundam.
^_^ (Stupid mustached robots. Besides which, it's a dumb series IMHO)

>If mega-launchers are still in use by that time (and there are no reasons for
>them not to be), then there enough reasons and miniaturization to make use of
>I-field covered shields. We know this can be done as early as the 0120s, as

Definite your term "mega-launcher"?

>seen in Crossbone Gundam, and we see it again in Turn A, with notes to this
>affect from G-Savior. Three points in support of my conclusion, if I'm
>interpreting the information correctly.

The shields in Crossbone Gundam are beam shields, not I-Fields, if recall

Also, in the Minovsky posts, it's been confirmed that a high concentration
of Minovsky particles is needed to create a I-Field...how does that all get
into the shield casing? Even if it does, with advanced technology, some one
should develop a weapon capable of piercing that barrier. As to G-Savior, I
have no knowledge of it...

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