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> Heh, I know the feeling. ^_^

    I am sure ^_^

> I think he's basically saying (correct me if I'm wrong) that one day,
> the advent of new technology, that ships could become a powerful fighting
> force again if upgraded sufficiently...I think not, actually, since no one
> has come up with a countermeasure for Minovsky particles and/or MSes after
> long time. It's like inventing guns; no matter how much you refine the
> sword, warfare has changed irrevocably now.

    I think you are right, if what he talked about is the role ships play in
war in UC timeline. I think he believe ships can play a more important role
(or at least expand their role) , given the technology advance we have seen
so far in the Gundam university. Of course, I believe that no matter how
advance their technology are, unless they can counter Minovsky particle
effects, ships would have a hard time targetting any small units. With their
limited mobility, with respect to MS, ships are "begging" for MS to shoot
them down ^_^

> This is precisely what Edmund told me a few mails ago...(arrrgh, now I'm
> arguing against myself again! ^_^) that a lot of Gundam exists because it
> Gundam. If you want hard evidence of things, or rational explanations all
> the time, then they don't exist as often as they should. Lim-san's
> point (which started the whole thread) was that technically, he thought
> I-Fields on ships were feasible, not whether the creator wanted a plot

    But some people seems to believe that almost all "outragous" technology
gadgets that appears in Gundam timeline are plot points - be it Newtypes,
I-Field or that Wing of Light of V2, since they rarely show up more than a
few times in the show. What they don't realize sometimes is that some of
them, like Newtypes, are just rare, while other stuff, like I-Field and
Minorsky Drive (the thing that generate Wing of Light as a side effect), are
just too expensive and experimental to be found everywhere...

> He's arguing for us here, Edmund. ^_^

    I don't think so - I feel that he's making fun of my argument against
I-Field on ships because I don't give "concrete" evidence of why. Of course,
it's just my opinion ^_^

> I think that he's talking about the other capabilities of ships, such as
> storage, MS carrying capacity, cover fire and such that are important, not
> about their fighting power (at least here)

    Are you sure about that? He seems to imply that ships are very
important, maybe even more than MS. (He seems to be pretty firmly believe
that MS are nothing more than people's "fetish" of samurai fighting in wars)

> I understand (unlike Edmund) what you mean, but read my above post - I
> believe MSes have changed the face of Gundam fighting forever. That's why
> the Federation decided to create their own type of MS instead of upgrading
> their warships - it would be useless.

    Oh, so he's saying that ships are still very important, right? Like I
have said a thousand times before - it's still important, just not as
important as MS, relatively speaking, of course...

> I personally don't mind anyone adding anything, but Edmund has a point -
> it's a bit abrupt. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "rude" but you
> try adding some introductory line.

    Wow! Somebody is actually agreeing with me consistantly...

> Basically, he means that everyone isn't a Mark Simmons or -Z-. ^_^

    And after reading his posts, I was wondering if Bandai would start
offering Mark a job as a consultant ^_^

> It's a discussion ML, anyone can discuss things as long as they're
> and not offensive. Your extent or lack of knowledge doesn't limit your
> of discussion. Of course, if you are limited in your knowledge, people
> point that out and you'll need to support your evidence with more points,
> which might be hard, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't post - we learn
> from mistakes, after all.

    Well said! Must be me robbing off on you ^_^

> Secondly, Edmund's other point is valid as well - not everyone is going to
> read up on books and such simply to discuss stuff in the GML. It would
> too much time, and detract from the fun, casual style of arguing, which I
> think should be preserved.

    And I believe the imagination of people is what drives an anime - they
help create a community that make an anime very appealing for other people
to try to watch...

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