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> Reading an old issue of Hobby Japan about the Hi-Zack HGUC,
> it came across to me on why the Titans built this type of MS.
> Weren't the Titans created to suppress spacenoids? then why build
> something like the Hi-Zack and the Marasai, and why did they concentrate
> their research on "mono-eye" mobile suits instead of the GMs?

We cover this last year I think. One of the populiar theory is mirrored in
United State's infusion of cash into Russian Nuclear infrastructures, to
keep a defeated foe busy as not for them to sell their assets to the highest
bidder. This way, the victor can have some measure of control. A
complementary theory has it that Hizack (an fusion of GM technology and Zeon
technology) look good on paper, and is supposed to be very cheap to make.
The fact that it inherited worst of both technology is one reason Titan dump
it at the onset of Gryp War.

> And what's the differences of the Hi-Zack & Marasai from the zeons Zaku
> line? is it better than those R-1 types?

Marasai has ZERO input from Titan except they bought it from Anaheim
Electronic. Ok, Anaheim sort of sold Marasai at Granada at fire sale prices
to placate Titans (Titan were already suspicious of AE involvement at that
junction). Marasai is definitely better than any incarnation of Hizack or
any Zeon OYW mass produced MS. It didn't bother trying to use 2 mutually
exclusive technology (Fed & Zeon), and just went for Zeon technology. Thus,
it has less trouble than Hizack development.

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