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> Why not? If I remember correctly, G.K. O'Neill's plans to colonize
> (sp?) space didn't require any major breakthrought in space
> propulsion technology.

Well, it had a few to-be-developed items, such as the Lunar mass-driver and ion
drive. Both are still theoretical.

But more importantly the O'Neill plan called for a gradual development: Island
One, a 10,000-person habitat 500 meters across, which would be used to construct
Island Two, a 140,000-person (sphere) or 820,000-person (cylinder) 1.8 km
across, which in turn would be used to construct Island Three, the 5 to
10,000,000-person habitat 6.4 km across that would be the ultimate goal.

In Gundam, they start off building Island Three cylinders, using Island One type
habitats only as construction shacks for the O'Neill "open-type" colonies.
Furthermore, they build them by the hundreds -- even at 10,000,000 people per
cylinder, you need a hundred cylinders for each billion people. And they
emigrated five billion people before Minovsky and Ionescu even began work on the
compact fusion reactor.

I didn't say the He3 fusion was a requirement for space colonization per se, but
rather that I couldn't accept the colonization scope and schedule shown in
Gundam being achievable without it.


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