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> >Are beam weapons the only ones that can cause a reactor
> >explosion, or can it be caused by other damage, such as shrapnl from
> >explosions,
> >120mm rounds, etc?
> Only beam weapons - that's been amply documented throughout UC history.

Well then we just have to assume the Zakus and Doms blowing up
from Bazooka rounds were "entirely" consumed in the fireball of the
bazooka warhead.

Amuro blows up a few MS with his Bazooka with the same round
puffy explosion that they have when he uses the beam rifle, except
they don't get the beam blow through effect that 'some' but not all
of his victims get (the Gundam Wing beam effect) beam goes through
target, target pilot screams rest of MS is consumed in white light as
it expands, and then vaporizes.


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