Edmund Chiu (edf91@worldnet.att.net)
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 12:34:11 -0800

  What? Are you actually saying the only reason to mount weapons on military
  vehicles is to scare people? That the only reason kids bring guns to school
  is for show and tell, or that terrorists build bombs as a messages of peace
  and love?

      Why do you think I put quotation mark around the word scare? I just mean that the weapon is mainly use to cover the field with shots so ships and MS won't just go straight into the fleets. Do cover fire cause damages? Of course it does. Do they hit the target often? Probably not.

  A weapon unused is a useless weapon. The weapons on ships and suits in Gundam
  were designed to kill, and were used to do so many times during the long saga
  the is Gundam. To even entertain the thought that Tomino intended this is to
  invalidate the idea that war is a nasty, horrible beast best left alone but
  never out of sight, and definitely never out of mind. War is horrible, and
  people do horrible things while under the aegis of war. Never forget that.

      Read above. Did you even follow the thread where we have been discussing the role of warships? I certainly have been saying that weapons on warship are used mostly for cover fire than actually aiming and trying to destroy a target.

  I do understand that what you posted was your opinion, and this reply of mine
  is of course my opinion, so take no offense.

      I just find it confusing that someone who hadn't "participate" in the thread suddenly want to jump in and start to discuss the "details" of something, when that "detail" is already discuss or covered in the previous posts.

      PS. Can you try NOT to use html style of messaging? It's kinda hard for people to add their replies and make it easier to read when they had very little experience with html style of messaging. I am sure over 80 to 90% of the post on the list are just regular texts, so it would be really helpful for some of us here who don't want to screw around with the options just so a few people here want to use html style of e-mails. Just my opinion, of course...

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