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> >You can fire a beam and "sweep" your weapon,
> > you know.
> Right, but you lose power over the sweep path, so
> it's not necessary good either. If the laser's been design
> to deliver the pulse in a short duration, you can't sweep;
> if it's designed to deliver over a long duration, you need
> to remain stationary (relative to target) to deliver the
> damage.

Actually, you're wrong. When a laser hits a surface(any surface), that
surface is vaporized, producing a cloud that defuses the laser, weakening it.
By simply moving the laser from side to side, or even in just one direction,
you greatly increase the effectiveness of the laser by allowing the surface
vapor to scatter.

I would think that the reason beam weapons are so damaging is from the fact
that they aren't block by simple aerosols like lasers are. With these heavy
particles traveling only slighting faster than most projectile rounds, I'm
more surprised that there isn't deadly secondary radiation cause by every hit
and near miss.


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